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Customer Care

Are you finding it difficult to maintain a good customer support mechanism? Syntrio can help you in implementing and maintaining effective customer support services to assist your customers in using your company’s products or services. An efficient customer support strategy is one of the key factors affecting customer retention and it is therefore important to invest in your customer support strategies.

Our Customer support service offers end-to-end issue resolution working along with your internal technical resources and acting as per the escalation procedures. We can improve your overall organizational responsiveness, both externally to customers and internally within the workforce, and lead to faster problem resolution, increased customer satisfaction and improved business sustainability. Our technical support technicians have extensive experience working with a wide range enterprises, supporting and maintaining their customer care strategies with professional tools and technologies. Our experience in the domain will be a great asset for your enterprise’s customer care policies.

At Syntrio we treat every customer requests with the highest level of urgency and professionalism and we will make sure that the same is happening with your enterprise too. We will extend the same level of professionalism to our clients and help you achieve a better customer satisfaction index with proactive and exceptional customer support.

Helpdesk Support

In addition to providing an economic solution for maintaining customer relations and ensuring customer satisfaction, entrusting us with your Help desk allows you to focus on your core business goals.

Chat Support

Our expert team of experienced professionals will let you concentrate on your business while we provide your customers with a satisfactory experience. They will proactively interact with every visitor to your website and offer them adequate support.

Sales and Billing Assistance

 A dedicated team of domain experts, operators and managers work together to achieve your customer support objectives, offering uninterrupted and exceptional service 24x7.