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Configuration Management

Systematic and efficient software configuration is the key to organizational productivity. At the same time, understanding the impact of day to day changes on your business is a real challenge. A good configuration management strategy can help you control and keep track of all the changes in your IT environment, thereby increasing productivity.

Configuration Management concentrates on building up, and keeping up, the consistency of a framework or project all through its lifetime. SCM is an accumulation of skills, procedures, and devices whose design is to guarantee the consistency of the framework's prerequisites, useful characteristics, and physical properties. Configuration Management helps to reduce redundancy, manage simultaneous updates, avoid configuration related issues, ensures team coordination and track defects.

Syntrio’s software configuration management services help our customers maintain control over software developed, ensuring the ability to recreate them effectively and efficiently during recovery scenarios. We will help you to review your existing SCM strategy within the organization, setup and migrate between various Software Configuration Management tools like Puppet, Chef and Ansible, bring down the manual effort required to support change processes, automate builds and deployment processes and thereby helping your enterprise maintain integrity over time.