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Hire A Tech

Finding the right individual with the right skillsets for short-term jobs can be a troublesome task for any enterprise. Hiring a very experienced but expensive professional as a permanent staff for solving challenging but inconsistent problems can create a very big overhead as well. What if you can solve both problems with a single solution? Use our ‘Hire A Tech’ option to find a critical talent when you have a difficult-to-fill position or your internal hiring team is overwhelmed.

Syntrio’s tech support hiring options helped our partners save a great deal of time and effort. You can hire the best technical support specialist matching your specific needs and requirements to work onsite with your team or hire a remote tech support to work from our office. The hired staff will report directly to you and follow your directives and timelines. Technical managers at Syntrio will make sure that the assigned staff perform effectively and offer additional training and support whenever necessary.

If you are planning to hire technical support engineers from India, Syntrio is the best option for you. Our knowledge and experience in the domain make us one of the leading companies in staff augmentation services. We also have options for providing a remote team or offering on-site staff to work on your projects, aiming to get maximum productivity while bringing down operational costs.