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A large number of studies clearly indicates that only 20 percent of the server capacity is being utilized most of the time for enterprises across the world, which means that enterprises are paying a lot of additional money than is actually required. Virtualization offers a solution to this problem by using software to simulate the existence of hardware and setup a virtual computer system. A single server can thus host multiple virtual systems thereby reducing operation costs and investment.

VMware is the industry leader in virtualization and always stays much ahead of their competitors. With premium features, top-notch functionalities and exceptional services, VMware has clearly mastered the art of virtualization. Syntrio can help your enterprise in setting up servers, creating templates, attaching disks and effective utilization of additional services like vSphere, vMotion, vRealise etc.

Syntrio’s experience in virtualization software and cloud infrastructure helps us to offer the best virtualization services to our clients using VMWare. With the right investment on infrastructure, we will deliver cost effective and efficient ways to meet your business needs and reduce management and administration overhead. We will study your requirements in detail and device the best virtualization strategy that fulfills them, enabling your enterprise to achieve your business goals.